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Jate fanfic: Breathe your name

Title: Breathe your name
Author: Polly
Ship: jate
Timeline: Set in season 1, after the ep 1x07 (The Moth)
Chapter: 1 (one-shot)                                                     
Rating: K                  
Summary: Kate is living at the beach's camp and Jack is living in the caves. Kate feels the effects of the distance between them.
Author's notice: It's a songfic and the music chosen is “Breathe your name” by Sixpence None the Richer
Kate’s pov
Today the sea is agitated. The wind blows against the waves, which break in a harsh way, but before this, they reach a considerable high.
The people on the beach are doing ordinary things. Shannon is stretched in her towel, just taking a sun bath; Boone and Locke left early in the morning to their mysterious hunt in the wood; Claire is sat down beside Rose, they are in a funny conversation. Sawyer is reading a book in front of his tent, like a guardian protecting his collection of stolen objects of the plane; he thinks that they belong to him now. Sayid left alone in one of his expedition through the island. Thus, each one of the survivors continues to do the same daily activities, as if they could give them a kind of normality instead of the chaos we are going through.
It's every day
I'm in this place
I feel this way
I feel the same
The sun is shining, the hours pass and some quiet surrounds me. Days elapsed without the possibility of a rescue. Of course we still have hope, we need to; otherwise, we will freak out. I don't know why I want so bad to leave, maybe it's because I'm not familiar with many people around me anymore. The last years on the run made me come up with different personalities - I used to be disguised, with alias as Monica, for instance - so it's strange to be Kate again during all the time. I wasn't able to know who I was anymore until I crashed on this island and something inexplicable happened: I didn't invent other name. I believe that the first hours were so scarred that I naturally didn't create other character. Incredible as it may seem, they like me. It's true that most of the survivors don’t know my past, but they trust me, they respect me.
So many days within this race
I need the truth
I need some grace
I need the path
To find my place
I need some truth
I need some grace
However, I'm not feeling nervous at our critical situation or because I have to live with this people. I'm worried because someone of the group who is living in the caves should have arrived here with the water at this time. He was generally the one who comes here - Jack. Nevertheless, he didn't come yesterday, Hurley brought the bottles and the day before yesterday, Charlie had the same task. What happened? Had something happened? Why didn't he come anymore?
Is it all inside my head?
Is it all inside my head?
Many questions overwhelm my mind, but one thing stands out: why am I so concerned about Jack? I barely know him, he is a free man, he doesn't owe me anything and we don't have any bond. I mean...well... I actually admit that he is the person who I trust the most on this island. We had a quick connection since we talked for the first time; during the few days we spent here, we went through life and death situations which made us closer... but... he made his choice, he wanted to stay on those stupid caves that he assured they are safe, although he had almost died under the rocks. And I made my choice; I wanted to stay at the beach because I think it's the right thing to do. Nobody would rescue us if we stayed hidden in the middle of the wood.
I'll view the list
And take my pick
I view my faith
And make a choice
'Cause it's nobody else's but mine
I look at the horizon and I decide to go for a walk at the beach. I watch the jungle and nothing comes. Then my thoughts were interrupted.
-Are you waiting on a visit, freckles?
I would continue to walk, but unfortunately Sawyer couldn't miss the chance to annoy me.
-He didn't come.
-What are you talking about?
-What could it be? I'm talking about the doctor! Do you think that I didn't notice that you are looking at that direction every five minutes with a worried face?
-Someone should have brought our water.
-Maybe the delivery truck is late. Or there was another landslide there.
Sawyer was laughing; his dimples were marking his cheek while he was closing the book.
-If it takes a long time, I will come over there.
After saying this, I managed to walk; I didn't want to continue the conversation with him because I had no patience at his jokes. Despite Jack said that Michael had analyzed the caves after the accident, it's impossible not to be afraid, it could happen again.
Thinking about it made me feel shivers down my spine. My heart beats fast while, once more, Jack is on my mind. I have thought about him more than I should. A different feeling that scares me because I don't know exactly what it is.
You are in my heart
I can feel your beat
And you move my mind
From behind the wheel
When I lose control
I can only breathe your name
I can only breathe your name
Maybe I'm just missing our chatting...yeah, it must be this. I used to sit next to him at the campfire at night, starting a small talk and planning what we would do next day, something that would be helpful to leave this place or to survive here with dignity.
The part of you
That's part of me
We'll never die
We'll never leave
But now he lives in the caves and I live at the beach, this makes me frustrated because it seemed that we thought the same way and I really don't understand how he wants us to be rescued if we are in separate groups like these.
You'll view the list
And take your pick
You'll view my faith
And make a choice
'Cause it's nobody else's but yours
I decide to sit down next to the rocks, under the tree, trying to find some shelter from the sun; even so, its shining rays infiltrate among the branches. I stand still, although my core is completely shaken. After spending a while resting, my eyes start closing, the hot weather makes me sleepy. When I'm about to sleep, I hear a voice far away. Suddenly, I stand up and pay attention, the sound is coming from the wood.
It's a male voice; I manage to go to the jungle to find out what is happening. I see some trails and as I watch the recent footsteps, I'm almost sure that they belong to Jack.
I scream and look around.
-Jack! Is that you?
There was no answer. I follow the trail and go through the wood furthermore, then, an intense move from behind the foliage scares me. I look around and hear some strong noise. In a hurry, I run, that black smoke is approaching me.
I run like a mad, my legs are moving faster than my feet and I have to find a shelter to escape from that thing. I finally find the bamboos field and two trees are very close, so I fit between them. When I do this, the noise disappears. I take the chance to breathe; I'm breathless and very frightened. Then I heard the voice again, but this time, someone is calling me:
I forget that I'm hidden. When I hear my name coming out of Jack's mouth, I lose my mind, the monster is near, but I don't think in anything, I focus my attention in order to find him.
-Jack! Be careful, that thing is...
I have no time to complete the sentence, some terrible noise comes and the black shadow is everywhere. I shrink myself and desperately cry; with my eyes shut, I quietly count to five. Shivering and completely terrified, I decide to open my eyes; the fear overwhelm me and I cry even more as I think that Jack is outside. The noise stops and when I manage to leave to find him, I hear a scream far away and the smoke is taking its path to the sky, over the trees.
-No, no, please... 
I don't listen to his voice and my sense says to me that indeed, that monster took him.
-Jack, where are you, tell me, please!
I put my right hand on my mouth at the horror of the situation and my tears don't stop. I desperately run and I look for him in every corner, shouting his name.
When I lose control
I can only breathe your name
I can only breathe your name
Without an answer, I start sobbing, my heart aches with a genuine and intense pain for him, I feel devastated like a piece of me had been dragged away.
-Jack, Jack! Answer me, please! Jaaaaaaack!
I feel a hand over my shoulder, shaking me.
-Take it easy, freckles, he is right there.
A little dizzy, I see the sea at the horizon and Sawyer is staring at me with his wrinkled forehead. I look to the sky and see the tree which I had leaned against, people are at the beach and everything is ok like it was before. At this moment, I realize that I fell asleep and had a terrible nightmare, but my heart is still aching. Then, I see him far away.
Jack looks at me in a worried face. I guess he might have listened to my screams, calling him. All of a sudden, I stand up and run towards him, throwing myself in his arms, hugging him so tight as if it was for the last time. He doesn't understand anything, but he hugs me back and he says nothing when he notices that my tears are still recent and they had let my face wet. He just caresses my back in a soft way and pulls me against his body. His embrace is comforting, I feel protected and relived for seeing him alive. After few minutes of silence, he whispers, still attached to me:
-Are you ok?
At this time, I realize that I acted like a crazy. And in an embarrassing face, I pull away from him and answer:
-I'm sorry.... I... I was worried.
-It took a long time... You usually don't come here too late.
-We had a setback, because of this, I'm late, I'm sorry.
-Another landslide?
-No, nothing serious, just Michael, who hurt his foot.
-Is he fine?
-Yes, it was just some torsion.
Some quick silence appears. Jack takes off his backpack and looks away before facing me again to ask me:
-Are you really ok, Kate?
Of course he might have been asking me again because he noticed that I had cried, but obviously I wouldn’t tell him why. I couldn't tell him that it was because I was afraid of losing him. Wait, did I really think about this? How can I lose somebody who doesn't belong to me?
-Yes, I'm fine. It's very hot today; we are without water and...
-I see. You must be dehydrated. Take it.
Jack opens the zipper of his backpack and gives me a bottle of water.
-Thanks, I'm really thirsty.
I gratefully smile and he gives me a shy smile back. I drink a big gulp and say to him: 
-I thought you wouldn't visit us anymore.
He put his hands in his waist while he rests.
-You haven't come at the beach. Yesterday Hurley came here, on Monday, Charlie came...
-We are doing shifts.
I nod and look down because I'm feeling ashamed, I don't want to show him my huge disappointment at the fact that he is no longer coming to visit me all the time. When I raise my head to face him again, Jack is watching me in a thoughtful manner, his forehead is slightly wrinkled as if he was analyzing my crazy attitudes that day. His gaze is interrupted by Shannon and the others from the camp, who want to take the bottles of water he had brought for the group.
I whisper in a deep way and I confess to myself that this people annoy me when they interrupt our moment. Some sadness starts growing inside me because I know that Jack is going to leave soon, he will go back to the caves before dawn and God only knows when will be his next shift. However, before he pulls away once for all to distribute the bottles through the beach, Jack glances sideways at me and says:
-I miss you too.
Jack hardly utters these words and he quickly pulls away, not allowing me time to catch what he had spoken. I'm standing still, trying to understand the meaning of the word "too". Since when had I told him that I was missing him? Is he insane? After thinking, I come to conclusion that I hadn't said that with all the letters, but I had showed him through my embrace. And sometimes gestures are worth more than a thousand words.
I feel my cheeks getting red; despite I'm feeling ashamed at my past attitudes, I can say that I'm calm. That distressful situation which made my heart pumps fast is slowing down and some interior peace takes its place, some nice warmth surrounds me. Just knowing he is here and he is ok makes me feel better. Jack. I still can't explain what the experience of meeting him means, all I know is that the simple mention of his name already makes me feel safe. Jack. Like a refreshing breeze which slowly blows against my face in a hot summer day. And when I realize, I'm with a silly smile in my face, whispering, with his image invading my thoughts without permission.
'Cause you're in my heart
I can feel your beat
And you move my mind
From behind the wheel
When I lose control
I can only breathe your name
I can only breathe your name
I can only breathe your name
I can only breathe your name

Jate fanfic: Fever

Title: Fever
Author: Polly
Characters: Jate
Timeline: Set in season 4, few months after they left the island
Chapters: one-shot
Rating: M
Status: Complete
Summary: Aaron is sick and Kate doesn't know what to do. She asks Jack to help her. The sexual tension between them comes to surface.

Kate put her hands on her head, pulling her hair back in a nervous way. Her expression was drawn. Aaron couldn't stop crying. Two months had elapsed since the Oceanic 6 group had left the island that endless day. Kate used not to think about what happened. Since the time they came up with the lie and told it to everyone, she completely decided to embrace her character of "single mom". She was so convinced that she could really believe in that fantasy.

But sometimes the true simply decides to appear and punch her face exactly in times like this. She didn't know what to do with Aaron, thus it was obvious she wasn't a real mom. If she were, maybe she wouldn't be with a question mark in her forehead because she didn't figure out what the baby wanted to show her at that whimper.

She took Aaron in her lap and rocked him, trying to soothe him. Her effort was useless, he kept crying. With soft voice, she said:

-Come on, baby, what's going on with you? Why are you so overheated?

Kate's desperate increased when she realized that maybe the little boy was missing Claire. Kate felt like a cruel person when she remembered she had taken away the baby without his mother. It was kind of a kidnap. But Claire had disappeared and they didn't have time to looking for her. The only opportunity of leaving the island came and if they missed the chance, they would be stuck in that lost paradise forever. They couldn't let Aaron in the middle of a hostile environment.

He cried all the time on the first days but when some time elapsed, he became attached to Kate. Despite her muddled and inexperienced way, Kate was doing an effort to be a good mother. It was very hard, even more because she was alone. She asked Cassidy's advices but she didn't want to annoy her. Every time she met that woman, she went back home a little down. The bitterness and sarcasm filled Cassidy's speech. She always wanted to make a comparison between her relationship with Sawyer and Kate's relationship with him. She insisted on that story at which both of them was abandoned by Sawyer.

She thought about calling Cassidy and asking her help but as she remembered her speeches, her head ached. So she decided to call him. Would it be a good idea? Would she bother him?

She took the phone and hesitated. She dropped the device aside, giving up the idea. She didn't want to bother Jack. She felt she had already messed up his life on island. She hurt him and she broke his heart, like Juliet said. Kate remembered Tom. Both were doctors, nice people and they fell in love with her. As always, she had destroyed their lives; life's Tom literally. No, it would be different with Jack. He was so good, she wouldn't spoil anything. They have talked and met during the last months, but just in meetings of Oceanic to come to an agreement about their indemnity or in interviews to the media.

After leaving the island, each one managed to take care of their lives. It wasn't only Jack; she hadn't seen her friends except at these special occasions. They had several things to do. She just had to deal with many things. With some money of the indemnity she bought a beautiful house to her and Aaron; gave a sum of money to Cassidy and Clementine (because of her promise to Sawyer) and saved the rest. She had also to save money to pay the attorney's fees. She needed to hire a good layer to take care of her defense. Due to the fact that she was a famous fugitive after the news about the Oceanic 6, the police obviously didn't miss the chance to under arrest her immediately. In a good luck, one of the attorneys who had taken care of her indemnity referred his colleague specialist in criminal law.

The layer was studying her case and he often called her to give some instructions and inform her about the process. Unfortunately the news wasn't good that week. Her first judgment would happen soon. Her attorney was sincere when he said she would hardly be free on the first resort. She would probably be under arrest until he claims a new trial with favorable evidences to the accused.

Knowing the risks, Kate managed to hire a baby sitter to Aaron, just in case she might spend some time in prison. Although the world was falling down on her head, she didn't want to escape. She barely could believe it.

But today she is nervous. Aaron barely drank his milk and he already threw it up. He couldn't stop crying out until the point that she couldn't stand anymore and, in a sudden manner, she dialed the familiar number.



-Kate? Hey.


-What happened? Are you ok?

-I'm fine, the problem is Aaron. He is sick.

Kate started explaining what was happening with the baby.

-Give me half an hour and I will come over your house to have a look at Aaron, ok?

-All right. I'm waiting.

She didn't have choice, she needed help. By the way, Kate didn't know who needed Jack the most, the boy or her. Just hearing his raspy voice on the phone made her more confident. She was anxiously waiting him until he appeared.

When she opened the door, there he was. Her heart beat fast as she watched him with his usual and thoughtful look and with his kind smile. Jack. She finally saw a familiar face.



Kate smiled and her eyes were glowing when they met Jack's.

-May I come in?

-Sure, please.

She leaned against the door and allowed his passage. Jack looked around; it was the first time he was visiting that house.

-It's very beautiful, I liked it. It's large, cozy…

-When I caught sign of it, I already decided, I had to buy it.

-And what about Aaron? Where is he?

-I put him in the cradle; he is resting now. Aaron's temperature was high, I checked his temperature and he had fever. I gave him a bath and it drove his temperature down but he still has fever.

Kate upped the stairs, followed by Jack. They got in Aaron's bedroom. Jack approached and managed to check him. Aaron was grumbling; it looked like he was in pain. After shacking and rocking in a distressful manner, he didn't want to open his mouth but Jack was able to give him some medicine to treat his fever.

Aaron cried for a while, then the medicine worked and the baby was relaxing until he fell asleep. Jack and Kate watched him during this time and seeing that the boy had slept, they decided to leave the room to let him in peace and quiet. They downed the stairs and started talking in the living room.

-I'm sorry for bothering you at this time; I was so desperate, I just didn't know what to do with him anymore and I didn't know whom to ask some help.

-Don't mention it, Kate. If you need me, you just call me.

She bashfully smiled. He looked at her so understanding that she became embarrassed.

-Well, to compensate your effort of being here, could I offer you some coffee?

-It would be a good idea.

Kate went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee. While the coffeemaker was doing its work, she went back to the sofa.

-So, how are you?

-Fine. I'm working in the same hospital I worked before, San Sebastian.

-That's great. Do you continue to fix people?

-Yeah, sort of, I do whatever it takes.

-You also do the impossible, if I know you.

He smiled at her remark.

-Old habits, you know...

-And what about our friends? Have you talked to them?

-Not really, I'm very busy at the hospital and with the arrangements to my father's wake.

-Oh yes, your father...

-I know I should have done this before but it will be just a formality because we don't have his corpse. We decided to schedule next month.

-I understand. I'm sorry for this.

-Yeah. And you, have you talked to our friends?

-No, I haven't. Actually, Hurley's father called me.

-Hurley's father? Why?

-He will do a surprise birthday party to his son and invited me. He probably will call you too; he is waiting for all of us there. I know that Sayid is still here in LA. Sun went back to Korea and, you know, after everything… she… I guess she still blames us for Jin's death.

Jack lowered his head. He felt extremely awkward when he thought about it. That terrible image of the freighter blasting and Sun yelling in the helicopter. Jack put his hand on his nape and hair, taking a deep whisper.

Kate noticed his sadness and in a natural gesture, she sat down on the coffee table, in front of Jack, leaning and taking his hands, trying to say some words looking deep into his eyes:

-It was not your fault, Jack. It happened so fast that we couldn't even think right at that time. Lapidus had taken off, you just caught me; we didn't have time to take Jin. If we stayed there one more minute, we would blast.

-I know. I mean, my mind knows but deeply inside me I still feel responsible for that.


She came closer, squeezing his hands, and when their eyes met, the coffeemaker made some noise warning that had done its work, breaking the moment.

Kate pulled away, standing up to go to the kitchen. She was back in the living room holding a tray and she put it on the coffee table, pouring coffee in two cups. They drank it and then Jack decided to have a look at Aaron. His fever had gone, Aaron was sweating and his temperature was regular. He was still sleeping; Jack covered him and arranged his pillow in a better way.

-Thank you very much! If weren't you, Jack...

-Not at all. Aaron is so young and he went through many things. It was difficult to us to go back and adapt again, could you imagine how hard it was for him, adapted to the island atmosphere? In a good luck, he is doing very well; you are definitely taking care of him.

-I just do what I can.

-Well... it's late, I have to...

Jack was interrupted by the ring phone of the living room.

-Excuse me just a minute, I will answer the call.

Kate was listening to the call with attention. She was walking from a corner to another and she almost gnawed her nails. She was pale as she sat down on the armchair. Jack was far away; he didn't want to hear her conversation but he could notice that it was something really serious. Kate hung up the phone in a shaken manner.

-Are you ok?

-It was my layer. They scheduled my trial. And the prosecutor who was nominated by the court is one of the most merciless in LA. Summing up, I'm screwed!

She started crying, tears of desperate streamed down her face while she was struggling to hold them in.

-Kate, don't be this way.

Jack came closer, he brought his hands to Kate's face and he tenderly wiped away her tears, holding her tight as he used to do. Kate was extremely feeling secure, allowing herself to collapse in his big arms and cry on his comfortable shoulders. She was a strong woman but sometimes, when something reached her core, she just fell apart, bringing all her fragile to the surface.

He was carefully running his hands along her back, soothing her with his soft moves. Jack decided not to say anything at that moment. The silence was precious at this time, when any word could spoil or even pull her away from him. Kate was terrified. After spending her life running away, she was tired and she wanted to surrender to the police. She felt she needed it; she would never have an ordinary life while she couldn't solve her problems at the justice. The fear was her constant partner since she left the island. Kate was afraid of her future; now she was a mother and she still had to face her unsolved matters.

She couldn't explain but just the fact of Jack being there beside her already soothed her. It was like his simple presence made sure that everything would be ok. Kate was gradually calming down but she wanted to enjoy and stay a while attached to him, in his comfortable embrace.

How she had missed it! They had been close all the time on island, in all the life or death missions. They had gone through many things together and when they went back to real world, each one moved on with her/his life. Of course they got in touch but it wasn't like before.

And now, on the sofa, it seemed like the past had been back and their complicity had completely filled them. In addition, those spark and attraction also came to surface.

They pulled away but then their eyes met. Kate watched Jack with her glowing green eyes; he tried but he couldn't look away; he looked her back. His greenish eyes stared at Kate. It lasted seconds but it seems hours; all their sexual tension was there, at first, it seems that their hearts had stopped pumping but right after, they quickly started beating in a way that, without thinking, his lips searched for hers and then, Jack and Kate kissed for the second time. But this time, Kate didn't run away. They allowed themselves a long and delicious kiss. Jack's mouth softly touched Kate's, his lips pulled hers, slowly sucking that soft piece of flesh.

Kate opened her mouth even more; Jack thrust carefully his tongue in the space, exploring the area while she completely seemed to swallow him. Kate was sucking his lips and she also wanted to work with her tongue, twining with his and taking his space. Kate kissed Jack with desire, she wanted to devour him as she wanted to set all the desire she had kept during moths free. Jack cupped her face with his hands; his fingers entwined in her curly and wild hair.

They didn't want to pull away anymore; their bodies had madly attracted themselves, a kiss was followed by another kiss and they could hardly breathe, even so, they started kissing again. They were savoring themselves for a while until his skilful hands started touching her.

While they were warmly kissing, Jack was caressing her breasts still covered by her clothes. Then, his hurried fingers unbuttoned the buttons of her shirt. With one hand, he was sliding her shirt through her shoulders and with the other; he managed to touch her breasts, slightly squeezing them. They broke their kiss in order to Kate got rid of her shirt. As she barely threw her shirt aside, he pulled her, kissing her neck and taking one of the bra straps with his teeth. Jack kissed her in the space between her bra cups and then, he immediately unfastened the front closure, taking her bra off and setting her breasts free. Her breasts had a round shape and they were perfect.

Jack stared at them for a minute. Then, he started caressing them again, focusing carefully in her nipples. They were hard due to his touches; the desire was cropping up through Kate's body. Jack lowered his head to suck them.

Kate was trembling as she felt his warm mouth taking her breasts, one after one; he kissed and slightly bit them, catching each one and sucking it with desire.

Then, Jack slid his tongue along Kate's body, going down until he reached her stomach, over the waistband of her jeans. Before continuing his travel, Kate stopped him:

-Wait. It's not comfortable here, let's go up.

Kate took him by the hand and dragged him through the stairs. When they reached her bedroom, she looked at him with hungry eyes and bit her lips, slowly pushing him towards her bed. Kate lowered the zipper and took off her own jeans. Jack was watching her, mesmerized by her beauty in front of him. Noticing his lustful stare, she decided to continue her strip tease, teasing and slowly lowering her black lace panties along her legs.

At this time, he was completely out of control; his member was hard and almost rending his jeans. Kate was finally naked and in a hurry, she yanked Jack's shirt and lowered his jeans, letting him just wearing his boxer underwear.

He pulled her and she fell over him in bed. They were lustfully kissing again, then, they changed their position in bed and Jack was on top. Kate was excited as she felt Jack's hands running her inner thighs. Jack parted her legs and put his head between them; his soft tongue was brushing her mons pubis. Kate was fidgety; her body was shaking in an agitated manner and wanting something deeper.

Making her wish come true, his tongue travelled through her outer lips and then he reached her inner lips. She was completely shivering when Jack did circle moves in her clit and suck it. Kate was quietly moaning; her body was trembling. When she felt the tip of his eager tongue penetrating her, she naturally tightened his head between her thighs, arching her back and shaking her body nonstop. Jack realized that his stimulus was going beyond what he wanted; Kate was so damp that she couldn't be able to resist anymore.

Jack got rid of his boxer, lying naked over Kate. His warmth body over her let her even more excited; their bodies were burning; it seemed they had fever, not Aaron.

They were rubbing their bodies and it didn't take so long to his hard penis get in her vagina. He put his penis inside her in two thrusts. Kate groaned as she received him; she was whispering in a hoarse manner while Jack was steadily moving.

Jack was strongly thrusting her; his body was hungry for sex. His last time had been months before he crashed on island; besides, he had repressed his desire for Kate since he met her. After all the sexual tension between them, they finally were having sex.

Kate was enjoying sex in a comfortable, usual and clean place like a bed. This time it was Jack. Was she dreaming? No, it was truly happening, it was real. She could feel him deeply inside her. And she really felt him. A warmth wave ran through her body. She wrapped him with her legs; she was squeezing his shoulders and sliding her heels along the area which was below his butt. Kate didn't know where she started and Jack ended, they were just mixed in one body.

When he reached her most sensitive spot, Kate cried out in pleasure, she reached the orgasm in a voluptuous manner. She was followed by him, who couldn't stand anymore and filled her with his warm and thick seminal fluid.

Kate was breathless, she couldn't think about anything at this time but she already knew they had done more than sex, they had made love. The chemical between their skins remained even after they had finished the sexual intercourse, the pleasure they had achieved was still there and some pleasant warmth filled their bodies.

It took a long time to Jack surrender to Kate and vice-versa because they knew that if they opened the door once, they couldn't retreat. Jack was afraid of losing control as much as Kate. They had suffered too much in their life and they were afraid of giving their heart to someone and being disappointed or spoiling everything.

Kate lay down against Jack's chest while he was tenderly caressing her back. He looked at her in a quiet manner but his face was serene.


-Hey. What?

-Nothing. I just... I can't believe it happened. Is it real, Kate? Are we really here, both of us, together, in bed?

-Yeah, it's true, do you want a pinch?

She was smiling and playing with her fingers around Jack's naked chest, slightly drawing circles over his skin with her nails. They had never had such a peaceful moment in their agitated lives.

-Are you going to work tomorrow?

-Yes, I am, but not early in the morning. Do you want… I can leave now if you…

-I want you to stay. Spend the night with me. After all… Aaron might need some medical care.

-Aaron? I see...

-Me too. Jack, have a look at me, I'm on fire.

She took his hand and put it over her forehead.

-Indeed, you are on fire. I guess you'll have to spend the night under my observation.

He smiled and really felt glad and happy for not only didn't Kate run away but she also wanted his presence around her. He was hugging her as they fell asleep. It was the first night they were literally sleeping together, in the same bed. They were interlaced until the morning.

Next morning...

Kate opened her eyes. A shy ray of sunlight shone against the window. It was early. It takes few seconds until she recovered her consciousness. She felt an arm resting around her waist, which made her remind of what had happened the previous night. Jack was sleeping next to her; she could feel his breathing against her hair.

Kate slowly turned around; trying not to move so much because she didn't want to awake him. It was really true, it wasn't a dream. They finally had sex for the first time. When she was thinking about it and remembering the feelings she had experienced the night before, Kate wished immediately to do it again.

At first, she would check Aaron to know if he was ok. She carefully slid her body from Jack's arm and then, she got up, took her dressing gown and left slowly the bedroom.

Aaron was sleeping like an angel. Kate touched his forehead and it wasn't on fire. His fever had gone the previous night and it had not come back. Kate went back to her bedroom and watched Jack again, but just for a while. She took off her dressing gown, staying naked again and lying in bed next to him.

Kate planted a kiss on his chin; then she was giving more kisses along Jack's face until he opened his eyes, which were still puzzled. He raised his hand and rubbed his eyes; when Jack saw her over him, he smiled.

-Good morning.

-Good morning.

Jack look around, managing to reach the bedside table to take his watch.

-What time is it?

-It's early. Aaron is fine, I went to his bedroom and his fever is gone and he is peacefully sleeping.

-Good, that's really good.

Jack was slowly speaking, he was still sleepy.

-What are you doing?

-I will take your laziness away.

Kate continued to kiss him; from his face to his neck, then she ran through his stomach until she reached the place she wished. She took carefully his penis with her hands and started caressing it. Jack awaked when he felt her magic hands touching him.

She started licking his cock from base to tip and then, she deeply put his member in her mouth. Kate was masterful in blowjob; she was ably sucking it. Jack closed his eyes and surrendered to that incredible sensation; she was really driving him crazy. While Kate was sucking it, she was touching all around, rubbing his most sensitive spots and when she felt his penis getting hard as a rock, she moved her body upward and sat on his top. Without haste, she let her body down until his member got in her entrance and her vagina completely swallowed it.

Kate was moving up and down, rocking over him in a rhythmic manner. Minutes later, she accelerated her "riding". She was throwing her hair back but some stubborn curls just dropped in her face; nevertheless they didn't annoy her because they already clung to her sweat skin. Jack was holding her waist, his hands was sliding and strongly squeezing her butt while she continued to move; completely damped by her fluids which flowed out her.

Jack used to like being in charge but this time he enjoyed being subdued by that Goddess. Kate was prettier when she was on top, with her shapely breasts and her hard nipples, which became hard due to her pleasure.

With a steady rhythm, moaning and trembling in a crazy manner, it didn't take so long to reach her orgasm. Kate collapsed over Jack, still connected with him, in her last spasm of pleasure. He felt her vagina muscles tightening around his penis; it was cramped due to her excitement.

Jack couldn't stand anymore; thus he came. Their bodies were connected for a while until she slowly disentangled her body from his; relaxing and sprawling in bed next to Jack, totally exhausted.

They tried to catch the air but their breathing was completely labored. The bed sheets were messy and wet due to the sweats that exhale from their bodies.

-I was a stupid. How…How could I waste so much time?

-Shut up... It doesn't matter what we done before. All of us have the chance to start over again. Didn't you say something like this on island? Jack...

He pulled her, hushing her up with a kiss.

-You're right. We shouldn't think about the past. Let's start over again. I don't want to waste any moment.

They got up and had breakfast together in an ordinary manner for the first time.

-No bananas or water. – Jack said.

-Never more, enough!

Kate was laughing in a relaxing manner as she reminded herself the island poor breakfasts.

-Let me fix breakfast. How do you like your coffee? – He asked her.

-With milk and two sugars. And what are you going to drink?

-I think I want orange juice.

-So do I. You know, after wasting all my energy, I need to recover, Jack.

She looked at him in a malicious manner and he looked back at her with a shy smile in his face.

That was the first of many forthcoming mornings they would spend together. After finishing the breakfast, Jack said goodbye and let a smiling Kate leaned against the door. By the time she saw him left, her eyes burst in tears but they weren't tears of sadness. Kate could hardly hold back that happiness which overwhelmed her. She was whispering through the house. She had fallen in love several times in her life but Jack was different. She realized she had finally found a real love for the lifetime.


Jate fanfic: I need you so

Title: I need you so
Author: Polly
Rating: K
Characters: Jate
Chapters: one shot
Status: complete
Summary: Kate thinks about Jack. Pos-finale. Songfic.
Author’s note: I took the song “I love you” by Sarah McLachlan. English is not my first language, please forgive my mistakes!


Kate's POV

The sea is calm. The sun harmoniously shines over my skin and brings me some pleasant warmth but not so hot.

I stare at the horizon and let my feet sink in salt water, whose waves hit against my shank from time to time. I like the sensation of sinking as I feel the sand disappearing under the soles of my feet, taken by the stream.

And then he comes. Taking away my peace, he just appears. I don’t need to look around; I already feel his presence, I know he comes towards me. Even so, I turn my face to him and then we exchange glances.

I have a smile stretched from ear to ear

I see you walking down the road

He looks at me in a quiet manner; he narrows his eyes, trying to avert them from the sunlight. Everything seems to become even more peaceful; I can’t hear the noise from the beach; the people talking, the waves’ shaking…Suddenly it’s a deserted place.

We meet at the lights, I stare for a while

The world around us disappears

It's just you and me on my island of hope

Jack smiles. His face is serene. He is quiet and he continues staring at me. I smiled back. Our exchanges of glances are equivalent to thousand words. I decide to approach.

A breath between us could be miles

Let me surround you, a sea to your shore

Let me be the calm you seek

I walk towards him. I start unwittingly crying but my tears are tears of joy.

-Jack! How is this possible, are you here? I can see you! All that happened before was a nightmare, wasn’t it? We are in the island and you’re not hurt. We can be together, we are together!

He remains silent. Then, like magic, he is not here anymore.

But everytime I'm close to you

There's too much I can't say

And you just walk away

Suddenly I jumped. I’m sweating, breathless and scared. My mind is puzzled; it takes a little while until I realized that I wasn’t at the beach, I was just dreaming.

I notice my dark bedroom and look around.  The window is open, the cold wind at the night hits against the curtain, provoking an unsettling ballet.

I sit down in bed, hugging my knees to my chest and leaning over them. I shrink due to the cold weather. I can’t avoid my tears, I try to close my eyes again; I want to go back to sleep to finish my dream. Did I tell him foolishness? Did I pull him away? I wish I had told him so many things! The first of them is “I love you” These were the last words he heard from me. And the last words I heard from him.

And I forgot

to tell you

I love you

I decide to lie down. I strongly close my eyelids but my effort just failed. And there it goes, one more night awaken.

-Could you appear? Come back, Jack! Please, Jack, please!

And night's too long

And cold here

Without you

But he didn’t appear. And I’m alone again. I dampen my pillow with my tears and I hug the pillow which lies next to me; it belonged to Jack when we lived together. The pain that I feel doesn’t live me alone. I remember the warmth of his body next to mine, heating me at night. And when I couldn’t sleep, he used to embrace me. I still can feel the taste of his lips; I keep this last memory with me. 

I start blaming myself for many things. Things we didn’t go through, things we let go…

I grieve in my condition

For I cannot find the words to say

I need you so

I take my mobile phone on top of the bedside table and I desperately search for Jack’s voice messages, the ones that I had never been able to delete, despite we had broken up. Now I understand why. When I listen to his voice, my heart just calms down. I look at the portrait that I had brought from the living room and I faithfully kiss the picture of him and Aaron.

I count the hours; I wish they would elapse in a hurry and I eagerly hope the day that I will see him again. And then I will say to him how I missed him. I cling to this hope to keep on living and moving on.

And I forgot to tell you

I love you

And night's too long

And cold here

Without you

I grieve in my condition

For I cannot find the words to say

I need you so



Icons jate + suliet

Icons jate + suliet

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Jate fanfic: Caught in a net with you


Author: Polly

Characters: Jate

Rating: M

Summary: Jack and Kate got captured in a net and the sexual tension between them becomes out of control.



Jack and Kate are walking in the jungle when Kate notices a doll on the ground.

KATE: What's that?

JACK: Kate?

Jack turns around.

KATE: It's a doll.

Kate reaches for it.

JACK: Wait, wait, no. No don't.

Jack was afraid that it could be a trap, he tried to warn her, but it was too late. Kate already had it on her hands. Jack was near but he wasn’t able to take the doll from Kate in time. They got captured in a net.

KATE: Sorry.

Kate says after they were caught in a net as if they were in a cocoon. Jack looks down and then he asks:

JACK: You okay?

KATE: Yeah.

They make an effort to breath at the scary situation.

JACK: Oh good, so you can hear me?

Jack says with a smile. He glances up while Kate raises her arm.

JACK: This isn't one of theirs.

KATE: No, it's not sophisticated enough. It must be one of Rousseau's traps, so hopefully she's not far from here.

Kate puts her hands on Jack’s shoulders, trying to be more comfortable.

JACK: It could be a week before she shows up.

Jack advises her, a little concerned. Kate looks at him; they are nose-to-nose. Their arms are intertwined. Jack struggles in order to move his arm; his hands are stuck with Kate’s shoulders. He tries to lower his arm, his hands touches her skin. She shivers with that.

KATE: What are you doing?

Kate says, a little bit disturbed.

JACK: I'm trying to get the gun. I can't get my arm around.

KATE: OK, here, let me…

Kate lowers her arms and just wraps them around Jack’s waist. It looks like she was embracing him. Both bodies are too tight. She runs her hands along his back, over the waistband, trying to find the gun.

KATE: Alright.


Her fingers reach his belt while their faces meet themselves. His nose touches slightly her eyelids and his lips brush her nose. Jack closes his eyes for a moment, that situation is really tense due to two reasons: one, because they fell into a trap and they don’t know how to escape from it, and two, because they are too much close to each other. At the present time, their bodies rub themselves and he can’t help but feel some uneasiness in his pants.


Kate closes her eyes; she also starts feeling excited with that. It isn’t foolishness; she could feel the arousal inside his pants. Kate whispers as their noses touch, Jack looks at her in a tempting manner, his mouth almost touches her lips.

KATE: Sorry. I don't want to shoot you. Okay.

Kate’s hands lift up slightly his T-shirt; her fingertips touch his skin, searching for the gun. She turns her face, trying to watch better; he has his eyes almost shut again and struggles with himself to not kiss her neck at this time. She feels his breath and tries to concentrate on what she is going to do.

JACK: You got it?

KATE: Yeah.

His pants are loose, letting to show a piece of his white underwear. She finally reaches the gun, gets it out of Jack’s waistband and wrests it immediately, causing a shiver in Jack. 

KATE: Okay, ready? Got it, got it, got it.

He glances up, trying to do everything he can in order to concentrate and forget the craving to have sex with her at this moment. Both have labored breathing and they are fighting to ride the disturbance that their bodies are feeling for being stuck.

JACK: Oh, alright. Okay, now give me the gun.

He takes a deep breath; she passes her hands on her own hair and faces him.

KATE: Why, what for?

JACK: I'm going to try to shoot the rope.

They look around at the tree and the rope that keeps the net. Kate narrows her eyes, trying to aim.

JACK: Oh, hey, hey, hey

KATE: I'm a better shot than you are.

He smiled at her pretension.

JACK: Oh, really?

KATE: Yeah, I told you. I grew up hunting with my dad.

Kate leans her left hand against Jack’s arm while her right hand tries to fit the gun through the net holes. She aims and pulls the trigger.

KATE: Damn!

Kate screams when she notices that she had missed the shoot. Her arm is up and she looks at the tree in a grumpy manner.

JACK: Well, at least they know where we are. Okay, now give me the gun.

KATE: Are you going to waste another bullet?

JACK: Don’t worry. We'll still have 13 more to shoot each other with. Come on.

Jack chuckles. Because of this, she looks angry at him.

KATE: Fine. You have a better angle than mine anyway.

JACK: Oh, that's going to be your excuse when I make the shot?

KATE: When you make the shot.


She teases on him, answering with sarcasm. She really wishes he would fail. He laughed. Then they interlace their fingers and change the possession of the firearm. Jack puts his arm among the net holes and aims firmly, shooting successfully the rope.


They suddenly fall to the ground and scream with that. Kate is on top of Jack’s body, her hair covers his face and her hands are over his chest. With this position, it could be notice how excited he is, his erection under his pants is a little salient, even more because he is pinched by her body.


Both are breathless. All the sexual tension they have felt during those months on the island came to surface with their body contact.

KATE: Nice shot.

She says, facing him.


Jack giggles at Kate’s observation, taking the air and breathing under her hair; her curls insist to bit slightly against his lips. The excitement heightens. After all that making-out, they exchange glances and then, their lips meet and their mouths join in a passionate kiss. 


They sit down and take off their backpacks. They quickly continue to kiss, while they get rid of the net around their bodies. Kate puts her hand over Jack’s chest, pushing him until he lies down. Then she stays on his top. They kiss in a libidinous manner, their tongues intertwine desperately. She gives a soft bit on his lower lip, grabbing it with her teeth.


Kate is just feeling the strong but soft hands of Jack, caressing her body. He kisses her and holds her face. Then he starts running his fingers through her wild and curly hair and right after, he slides them on her back until they reach her butt. Jack grabs firmly her buttocks with flattened hands, squeezing the area which is still covered by her pants. Then they change the position, she is under his body. Kate decides to take off her pants; now she wears only tank top and panties.


Jack is kissing her neck while his hands grab her tank top. He takes it off, caressing her breasts which are still covered by the bra. He gets rid of it, setting the breasts free. Immediately he starts sucking them, biting them slightly and licking in circles her nipples, one after another; at this time, they are stiff in pleasure. Kate whispers when she feels her breasts filling up completely his mouth and his teeth brushing slowly against her nipples.


Jack slides his lips along her body, lowering his head and reaching her inner thigh. He looks at those tiny black panties and the vision drives him crazy. In a hurry, he starts kissing her still over the underwear, provoking groans in anticipation. Staring at her in a malicious manner, he pushes slightly her panties, rolling them down along her legs and then, casting the underwear aside immediately. Now she is completely naked and he can admire the entire splendour of her perfect body.


He opens tenderly her legs and kisses her thighs, and then he focuses in her genitalia. He starts kissing softly the rosy and slightly pulsating naked area, which starts opening, contorting in a moist manner on his lips. He gives a soft and longer suck in her clit and then, he steadily increases the intensity of his licks. She raises slightly her hips, shaking her body when he suddenly dives her tongue in her vagina. She groans with a crazy avidity while she is being savored by him with mastery.


Jack slides his tongue, sucking her with voracity. As he accelerates his licks, she increases the rhythm of her breathing, which is already labored. Kate groans and wraps his neck with her legs, and with her hands, she pulls his face against her vagina.


She wants him so bad but orders him to stop what he is doing, despite the big pleasure that she is feeling with that. They move their bodies on the grass and change the position, Kate is on top now. She quickly starts undressing Jack. Kate eagerly kisses every inch of his body that is being denuded.


The fact of touching Jack in a net few minutes before rouses her senses; she wants to taste that man completely. She throws his T-shirt around, going through his chest with her mouth, traveling with her hands along his well-built arms, biting the area next to the tattoos that instigate her thoughts since she saw them. After that, her hands open his jeans zipper, taking off the pants, letting him just wearing his white briefs. She could notice his arousal under his underpants. In a hurry, she sets him free, she totally undresses him.


Taken by his naked body, she gets down to concentrate on that voluminous flesh; the veins of his member are salient and swollen, like they could explode any time. With her avid tongue, she goes through the tip, while she strokes his balls. She starts sucking him with an amazing ability, alternating hard sucks with his entire member inside her mouth and slow sucks, licking the head of his penis in a spiraling motion, causing more excitation in the area; it becomes even more succulent.


Kate sucks his glands, licks his balls and then, she swallows his cock in a voluptuous manner. Jack shuts his eyes very excited with her blow job. Seeing that he couldn’t stand it anymore, Kate sits down on Jack’s lap, takes his member and puts him on her sexual organ. She slowly gets down on his penis. His member comes tight inside her. Kate stars moving slightly, feeling the whole pleasure of his hard member being swallowed by her vagina; minutes later, she starts moving faster than before, until her movement becomes very intense. She furiously shakes her body.


He holds her by her waist; Kate twists and pressures violently her sex organ against his body. She yells in desire, rocking and throwing her head back. Jack enjoys watching her in that way, powerful, dominatrix and incredibly sexy. Kate is pleased when she notices that she really has a power over him, who would say that? He is always the person in charge but this time, she is the boss, she is on the control, she subjugates him.  


With intensity, the orgasm comes in the middle of strong whispers and shivers through the entire body. Seeing that she reaches the climax, in his turn, he bursts into enjoyment. Kate falls exhausted over Jack.


Both finally give a chance to desire that was there since always, since the beginning, when they introduced themselves on the beach and they instantaneously became partners on the island. After months of sexual tension repressed, verbal copulation, insinuating looks and the awakening of a new feeling that scared them when they kissed for the first time, they stop running from each other and they give in to the new passion. 


They are breathless and it is impossible to think seriously about anything this time. They momentarily forget about their mission and decide to enjoy themselves a little more. After recovering the energy, it doesn’t take much time until they rub their bodies, making out again. The excitement is back, blood runs through their veins and they are willing to have sex once more.


This time, she lets him in charge, after all, it’s Jack and it’s his nature to keep things under control, he likes being in charge, although he doesn’t admit it. Jack starts caressing her entire body, his hands touches strategic spots. He squeezes her breasts, which fit exactly in his palms; it makes her ruffle, causing good sensations on her. Kate is wet again.


To stimulate her more, he puts his fingers inside her, touching her fleshy and wet vagina, feeling her contractions while he thrusts her. Jack realizes that she is ready for the second round, besides, he is already willing, so he brushes his penis around her sex organ before put it on Kate, rubbing it against her body. He slides the tip of his cock in the area, making her beg for being fucked. With wide-open legs, Kate calls his name and asks him to fuck her immediately. He thrusts her with one stab, putting his penis deeply inside her.


Kate receives him, groaning and biting her bottom lip with satisfaction. She embraces him, wrapping his waist with her legs, pulling him against her body.


Jack accelerates his rhythm, moving manly. Kate feels her body burning among his muscles. She whispers, searching for air and trembling as she feels his thrusts acutely increasing. She is taken to the most delirious pleasure that the sexual intercourse could offer, reaching easily the orgasm, while Jack finally comes.


Jack falls inert beside her, totally anesthetized and breathless. Kate feels exhausted, but it’s an extremely good tiredness. She turns her head, watching Jack with her bright green eyes.


He looks back at her, removing a piece of leaf that was tangled in her curls. Jack sees a smile upon her face and, a little curious, he asks:


-Yeah, I have to admit. You really made a nice shot!

Actually, he knows she is talking about his thrust instead of the rope’s shot. So, Jack smiles grateful, casting a shameless glance at her.

-Didn’t I tell you?










Jate fanfic: Visiting the Family

Characters: Jate

Author: Polly

Rating: T

Summary: Jack visits his grandfather and introduces him to Kate.


Jack was on his day off. After a hard week in the hospital, with no ending shifts and long hours of surgeries, he’d finally be at home. And the best thing: he would be beside her.


He loves his profession and he has been a workaholic. He used not to worry in spending his life concerned with his patients. But now he wants to go home. He has someone to come back for.


When he was married with Sarah he didn’t want to start a family. The medicine was more important than his marriage. However, with Kate is different. Of course he is still an obsessive doctor, but he has slowed down his work rhythm in order to devote himself to her, to them.


They had reached a big step in their relationship, they were engaged. Jack’s mind was busy, besides his commitment with Kate and the hospital troubles, he was worried about Hurley. What was he trying to say? “Someone’s gonna be visiting you…soon”. Jack was disturbed by the dark side of his friend.


But right now he doesn’t want to think about it, Hurley was in a mental health institution, probably the medicines have caused hallucination on him. He shouldn’t be so worried. But the insecurity is on his inside all the time, especially when he thinks of being a good father to Aaron.


Kate was complaining about his situation, he was usually so busy that he didn’t have time to be with her. When she knew about his day off, she immediately found someone to take care of Aaron for some hours. The boy wasn’t a brat, just the opposite; she loved him very much as if she were his real mother. But she wanted to spend a time alone with Jack, she missed him so much and they just needed to enjoy themselves.


They were in the living room. The TV was on but Jack and Kate couldn’t pay attention in nothing but themselves. They seemed like two teenagers, the fire was running through their vain while they were making out on the sofa. They hadn’t made plans for that day; the most important thing to them was to be on each other’s company.


Without breaking the kiss, his hands seemed to come to life when they touched the skin under her shirt. Kate grabbed his T-shirt, Jack took it off. His chest was naked. Kate watched him; it was amazing how that vision made her crazy. Jack intensify the kiss, his tongue was inside her mouth. Kate pulled off her shirt; she was wearing just a bra.


Their caress increased, Jack kissed Kate’s neck and then he slid his lips around her breasts. When he was about to take off the bra, his cell phone rang.


-Don’t answer, Jack. Please!

Kate begged and continued to kiss him. Jack corresponded, but his sense of responsibility was calling him.

-What if it is important? An emergency?

-I’m your emergency for today; I will have a heart attack if we don’t make love right now!


They were kissing again with more intensity. After a while, the ring tone stopped. But seconds later, the annoying noise was back.

-I can’t believe it, again?

Kate was mad about the interruption at that time.

-I’m so sorry, dear, I have to answer.

They separated themselves and Jack answered the call.


He listened with attention. He stood up and while he was walking through the living room he slid his hand on his hair. At this, Kate realized that it was something important; Jack usually has this tic when some situations worry him.

-Yes, I understand. Ok, I’m going right now.

Kate didn’t like the conversation. Couldn’t they have a time alone? Someone always interrupts them.

Jack turned off the phone upset enough.


-It was a call from the asylum. It’s my grandfather.

-What happened to him?

-He tried to escape again. The old Ray is stubborn, he is worse than a child. He let the nurses crazy, can you believe that he climbed the wall and jumped?

-Oh my God!

-He is not young anymore to do this trick; as a result he crashed against the floor. In a good luck, he didn’t hit his head; he just hurt the arm and the leg. Kate, I’m sorry but I have to go there to see him.

-That’s ok, I understand. May I go with you?

He was surprised by her disposition.

-You don’t have to go if you don’t want. It’s not pleasant, you know, elder people have their obsessions, they complain about everything and everyone, and my grandfather is not different. If you don’t want to get bored, you should stay home.

-No, I’ll go there with you.

-I’m so sorry, Kate, this visit wasn’t in my plans.

-What matters to me is to be by your side. At least, if I accompany you, we’ll be together.

-Despite the not funny ride…

-Jack, he is your family. And I’m interested in everything about you.

She placed a soft kiss on his lips. Then, they were ready to go.

After some minutes, they arrived at the asylum. It was a large place, with a garden in front of the entrance.

Kate and Jack were holding hands. They walked towards headquarter in order to find information about Ray.

-I hope he likes me.

-How could someone not like a charming woman as you?

-Your mother doesn’t like me.

-Kate, this is foolishness.

-No, it’s true. When you introduced us after we went back to the real world, she was very polite. But when we were already dating, her face wasn’t as good as I thought. Certainly she thinks that her son deserves someone better than an ex-fugitive in conditional.

-Kate, she didn’t say anything. I guess it’s a “mother-in-law versus daughter-in-law” thing; mothers usually feel jealously of their boys. By the way, I sort of think that my mother never got along with my girlfriends; she didn’t like my ex-wife either.

-If she didn’t like them, what could she say about me?

Jack stopped walking and looked at her deeply. He gave a shy smile and then he answered:

-You don’t have to worry about anyone else from my family but me. After all, I’m the one who will marry you.

Kate melted away with his words. It was amazing how Jack could always protect her from other people. For that reason, she felt so safe beside him and it was something comforting. Definitely he was the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. His kindness and humanity were characteristics that fascinated her since she met him, years ago, on that crazy island.


She was thankful for not running away from the beach when he asked her to sew him. Maybe it was her instinct. She didn’t know how to explain his ability to convince her immediately. Her natural reaction would be trying to escape of any problem, running and calling someone to help him. Instead of this, without thinking, she was willing to sew him.


No matter how hard she tries not to agree with him about something, in the end, she always gives in and stays beside him. It’s a Jack thing, he is reliable.


Jack was talking with the doctor who told him about his grandfather’s health. After knowing the situation, he asked where he was. Ray was in the auditorium, watching a presentation. Jack approached slowly and whispered his name.


-Hey kiddo!

His face lighted up when he saw his grandson. Jack helped his grandfather to stand up. Ray was limping a little due to the fall and his left arm was bandaged. They embraced each other and Jack gave a slap on Ray’s back.

-Could we get out of here to talk?

-No problem, this presentation sucks! I can’t stand it anymore, every week we see boring presentations like that or stupid magic. I have already known the repertory by heart.

The old man was talking nonstop while they were leaving the place. He just stopped when he saw Kate nearby.

-Hum…who is the lady?

-Grandpa, I want to introduce you to her. This is Kate.

Kate put out her hand to him, smiling at Randy.

-Nice to meet you, Kate.

Turning back to Jack, he spoke:

-She is very beautiful.

-Yes, she is.

-Thank you, it’s a pleasure to meet Jack’s grandfather. Are you ok?

-Better now. It’s uncommon seeing a gorgeous girl in a terrible place like this.

-Ray! It’s not that bad.

-Jack, are you kidding me? Try to spend some days here. I bet you would quickly change your mind.

-It’s all right, Ray, we don’t need to discuss.

While they were walking to his bedroom, Ray was with a confused face. Jack noticed his disturbance and asked:

-Are you feeling good?

-Yes, I’m just a little hurt.

He came closer and whispered on Jack’s ear:

-Explain me something, kid. I thought that your girlfriend was blond.

-Grandpa, that was Sarah, my ex-wife.

-Ex-wife? Did you get married?             

-Didn’t you remember? You were there at the wedding.

-Was I? Oh, yes, I remembered now. It was at that fancy hotel. Forgive your old man, my memory sometimes fails because of my age.


Although they talked quietly, Kate had listened to the conversation. She considered Ray a nice person.


Jack observed the bedroom accommodation. It was adequate and adaptable for elderly people. Ray’s suitcase was on the chair; Jack unpacked and put the clothes back to the closet.

-You never change, huh? Always doing this. What stubbornness!

-Did you really say that?

Kate teased on him.

-Now I know from where Jack’s stubbornness came. I guess he inherited this from you, sir.

-It’s in Shephard’s DNA. It’s hereditary, it passes from father to son, and it’s in our blood. My son Christian was stubborn too. Probably your child will be the same way.

Jack’s face flushed when he heard the indiscreet observation of his grandfather.


He always feels awkward every time the old man talks about the family. It was an uncomfortable subject for Jack. His father was reserved and aloof, consequently he raised Jack this way. They didn’t share memories or talk about family moments. Ray was the opposite; he loved telling facts of his grandson’s childhood to Kate.


Kate was laughing; she was enjoying the familiarity. She still doesn’t get along with her mother and she hated her real father (she murdered him). So for the first time in years she felt included. Ray had met her just for few hours but he had already considered her as a Shephard’s family member.


Besides the shame for listening stories about his tricks when he was a child, Jack became even more flushed when Ray added:

-When will you give me a great-grandson or a great-granddaughter? I’m very old and I won’t last forever.

Looking at Kate, he continued:

-You both will have gorgeous children!


-Bring them here to visit me, kiddo. I can imagine a black hair boy, with greenish eyes and freckles. Or a pretty little girl with curly hair, exactly like her!

Kate’s eyes shined, just hearing the future that Ray had drawn for them. In fact, she really wanted to start a family with Jack.


Kate was smiling, the afternoon was really pleasant, but she wanted to go home in order to turn this dream into reality.

-Don’t let him deceive you, dear. Claim for wedding.

-Actually, he proposed me. We are engaged.


Ray gave a sincere hug in Kate and Jack.

-I want to go to this wedding.

-Of course, surely we’ll invite you.

-It’s late; the visiting time is almost over. I’ll go to the bathroom and then we’ll go, ok?


Jack left the room. Meanwhile, Ray said some words to Kate.

-He is reserved and he doesn’t like to talk about his life. I’m very glad to meet you. I can’t help but notice how my grandson is happy. Jack is gleeful and I believe you’re responsible for that. He has a gleam in his eyes; I’ve never seen him like this before.

-I’m very happy too. There are no words to express what Jack means to me. Since I’ve met him, my life has changed completely. For better, of course!


Jack went back to the bedroom and said goodbye to his grandfather:                

-Well, grandpa, it’s time to go but I promise you I’ll come back to visit you more often. And please, behave! Stop running.

-Hey boy, come to visit me more, don’t let me here abandoned. And you come back here too, sweetheart.

Kate gave a kiss on his check.

-It was a pleasure to meet you, sir. Be a nice guy, stay here, otherwise we could not be able to find you to take you to our wedding.

Ray smiled in a soothed manner. Their visit let him calmer and less sad. He was so joyful when he saw his grandson, even more because Jack was joyous.


Jack and Kate went back home. After arriving, they rested some minutes. They spent this time talking.

-Kate, I’m sorry for Ray, he…he doesn’t measure the words, he starts talking a lot of foolishness and everything that comes to his mind.

-Are you kidding? I love him! I think he is a very spontaneous person. He feels a huge love for you.

-I love him, despite the headache that he gives to me.



-We still have time. What about spending the rest of the afternoon together? We should retake what we were doing before we left.

-That’s an excellent idea!


They kiss in a voluptuous manner, hungry to consume themselves with intensity; they miss each other so much.


Despite they were living together, it wasn’t an usual thing the fact that Jack was on his day off and Aaron wasn’t at home, interrupting their sex with his cry in bad hours. Therefore, they took off their clothes in a hurry, throwing them on the floor while they went up the stairs towards the bedroom, without breaking the kisses.


But this time Jack turned off the cell phone and threw it far from them. They didn’t want to be interrupted by anything in the world.


Although he doesn’t admit (Jack thought he wouldn’t be a good father), he hopes that Ray’s dream comes true. Beside Kate, he feels that everything can be possible.




Jate fanfic: Death, life and rebirth

Author: Polly

Characters: Jate

Rating: T

Summary: Kate thinks over her life after leaving the island

PS: English is not my first language


Death. It’s all I could think about. Despair took me and disturbed me; I walked through the dawn, inside the house and I couldn’t sleep. I just fell asleep when I thought that I would see him again. Yes, maybe he is alive – I thought. Jack had survived before. He had appendicitis and went through a precarious surgery; he was bleeding with the infection. After a huge sacrifice, we left the crazy island, Jack was safe.


Years later, when he was trying to convince me to go back there, he was broken, drunk, addicted to his pills and about to suicide. However, once more, he got over. When we were back, we travelled back in time; we survived a bomb…Why wouldn’t he be alive now?


With hope, I waited for Jack; I had expectations of seeing Jack coming back to me. I looked at the door, I thought that he would arrive, that he would watch me in a serious manner and then he would put a shy smile upon his face. Jack would embrace me and give me a sweet kiss, like a man in love who comes home every day and greets his wife tenderly.


But the next day came and there was the death again, it was surrounding me. And every time that I remembered Jack, the agonizing and latent pain appeared. The hours passed slowly. I thought that I would suffer for the rest of my life. I thought I would never get over.



Life. In my arms, I get you. You sleep. I touch your body softly with my hands. Your rhythm is careful; in silence, I watch over your sleep. I slide my fingers through your hair. You awake, opening your little greenish eyes. I admire the color, the nuance. You look at me quiet and then you shut your eyes again, sleepy. Your expression is calm, so soothed that it makes me wonder if you are smiling even when you are sleeping.


I take your hand carefully. I touch your fingers. I watch your features. I’m impressed with my vision. You both are very resembling physically!


The memories hurt me. I’m sure that I will cry. Before this, I put you on the cradle. I cover and warm you. I want to protect you, despite my depression. I feel happiness and sadness at the same time. When I look at you, I find life. By the time I knew I was pregnant, a power grew up from the inside, a strength that I never imagine I had.


Your dad was dead. I was dead and emotionally devastated. Then a miracle happened: you, my son. It was a rebirth. To feel you growing in my womb makes me reawaken and makes me recover a life that I thought I had lost forever.


I know that Jack still remains, despite my memories of him become distant day after day, even if I try so hard to keep them untouchable. I can recognize his face reflected on you. Two years have been gone since we had said goodbye. Although he is dead, he still lives and grows up fast, right in front of me. I find him over and over as I watch you with your attitude. I was born again, Jack was born again too, and we both were born again together, mixed in someone new, our son.


I keep looking at you. Although the pain still hurts my heart, I’m your mother. You’re my challenge, my reason to live and to let go.


I’m afraid; I wish Jack was here, I miss him so much! He would see you growing up; he would tell you bedtime stories like he always did to your cousin Aaron. Or he would take you to the park; he also would teach you how to be an honor boy.


Even though he is not here with us, I believe that you will inherit his bravery, courage and generosity somehow. I feel it. Despite your age, you already give me signs. You comfort me, you’re sweet, you make me feel the most important person in the world and you can convince me only with a look, exactly as your father did.


Now the hours go by. But I don’t feel that weight. When I realize I will fall, I become attached to you. Your dad is gone, but before this, he let a piece of him in me. And when sadness takes me and makes me want to quit this life, I turn to my dear baby, I take him and kiss his cheek, his rosy and soft skin; I enjoy every minute completely. And then, I keep on living.




Did you like it? Did you hate it? Let me know your opinion.

Jate fanfic: The shower

Title: The shower
Author: Polly
Characters: Jate
Timeline: Season 2, Missing-scene ep. 2x04
Chapters: one-shot
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary: Kate finds out a shower in the hatch and decides to take a shower. Jack arrives at the place.

PS: English is not my first language, please forgive my mistakes.

The hatch is definitely a strange place. Its corridors are dark, there’s a sinister computer at which we have to type those stupid numbers, but also there are bed comfortable enough and pantry, with foods inside the cans; it doesn’t matter if they are damaging, at least they are food. And it has candies. Besides the wild boar meats hunted by Locke (which I didn’t eat because I’m vegetarian), fishes taken by Jin and the same fruits as usual, a chocolate is a refined table delicacy.

And today I found one of the most important things for a civilized human being: a shower. Maybe it sounds foolishness, but when I took a shower, I felt a human being again, not a wild. I would say more, I felt like a woman, like I had taken back my dignity. A real shower with shampoo, soap and hot water.

I was alone when I saw a door. Taken by curiosity, I opened it and then I faced this marvelous thing. Immediately I opened the meter and a beam of water dripped down. I put my hands on it and smiled like a child at the sensation of the water bumping into my palm. In a hurry, I found one clean towel in the closet; probably it belonged to that man who had lived here, the Desmond guy. I got the shampoo with Hurley. He and Rose were doing the inventory in the food storage room when I took fast the bottle. I know he didn’t like what I did, but I really needed the shampoo, which was almost over. I also took the soap and there I was just me and the shower.

I whispered as I felt the water running through my curls which were hard and mistreated due to the cold water from the fountain near the caverns. Finally I was taking shower with hot water! It was thin water, a weak leak, but I didn’t care.

I put some shampoo on my hand and spread it along the hair. It looks like I was taking away some grease; the entire oily thing was gone. A sensation of freshness took me. It was a pleasure so amazing to feel the lathered water sliding through my body!

I soaped myself, scrubbed each inch of skin and I tried to rinse my body under the water, whether hot, whether cold.

After being unwilling, I finished the shower; I wouldn’t like to spend the scarce water but at the same time, I had cravings of spending hours there.

I took the towel, became dry and passed my fingers through my hair, trying to disentangle them. I barely wrapped my body with the towel when the door opened. I was scared; I almost had been watched by Jack. If he arrived seconds before, he would see me completely naked.



-You, um, you took a shower.

I shivered. Neither flushed I was, I became purple, overwhelmed by shame. And he was as embarrassed as I was at the situation.

-I had to see if it worked.

-How was it?

Jack was watching me, but this time his look wasn’t a look of compassion, friendship, caress, comprehension or anger. It was a look of greed; I could notice that his eyes burned in desire. And this made me so nervous that when I got down picking up my clothes on the floor, I dropped my bra. Totally clumsy, I grabbed the stubborn underwear back and answered:

-Uh, pressure sucked, it kind of went cold at one point, and it smelled a little bit like sulfur but – it was a shower.

-I know what you mean.

-You could use one.

I don’t know why I was acting like that but when I realized, my lips had already said those words, and I was smiling and flirting with him.

-Maybe a little later.

Jack gave me a shy smile.

-I’ll leave the shampoo for you.

It was funny because Jack has always been reasonable and serious but at this time his eyes seemed not to obey his mind and they were delighted by the vision of my wet and almost naked body. Although I was in a towel, Jack undressed me with his eyes.

I left the bathroom and I left him lost with his thoughts. Even I turned my back to him, I felt that he was still watching me from head to toe; he had bent his neck to watch me better. I could imagine his smile a little naughty and I confess that my wicked side loved to do this, to provoke, to let him out of control.

It wasn’t the first time that I noticed him looking at me. One day, when we were in the jungle and we stopped for a while to rest, I just asked him if he was checking me out and he answered that if he had been checking me out, I would have noticed. As a matter of fact, I noticed.

Actually, the today’s look is not like the other ones he has given to me since the beginning. It’s a different look. It’s a look of a man watching a woman.